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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Telling It Like It Is

SAB1's four-part mini-series Society premiered this week to rave reviews, being hailed as the African Sex and the City. Society is helmed by first-time female producers Makgano Mambolo of Miss Kwa-Kwa and Mazinyo dot Q, and Lodi Matsetela, award winning writer for Home Affairs and City Ses’la. The business partners formed their production company Puo Pha, which means “ tell it like it is,” two years ago.

When asked about the series, Mamabalo and Matsetela, explained that many young African women aspire to Western ideals and values of success, so the show asks: “What are the repercussions of this new, foreign lifestyle?” It's about time that media about African women is done by African women! How refreshing ... and inspiring.
(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy of SABC 1)


Anonymous said...

this is so cool I wish I could watch this- where is it showing?