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Friday, January 12, 2007

Julia Sarr: Sweet Melodies From Senegal, The Gambia and France

Although the collaboration between the Senegalese-Gambian singer Julia Sarr and French flamenco guitarist Patrice Larose to create the album, Set Luna, might seem odd at first blush, the result is music that is out of this world. Not long ago, each performed in the backing bands of more established artists, Sarr with Lokua Kanza and Larose with Marcio Faraco, yet their album, Set Luna, sparkles with a new fusion that is fueled with genuine star power. Together, Sarr and Larose smoothly blend Brazilian bossa nova, French chanson, Spanish flamenco and Senegalese mbalax. Stand out tracks on the album include Waruna and Flor De Mi Secreto. Listen to tracks from Set Luna and purchase the album at

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of Sunnyside Records)