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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mayaeni Rocks Black Style

Check out Mayaeni in the 2007 Pepsi Calendar celebrating the history of African American fashion. Remember acid washed jeans? So eighties. Or how about big hoop earrings? Very seventies. All these trends are recreated for different months in the calendar. You can learn more about African American fashion and download the calendar for yourself at (Mayaeni is featured in the month of October).

MIMI Mambo Link: Unplugged Soul: Mayaeni


Anonymous said...

this is a very different look from how mayaeni looked in her mimi article. i don't know if i'm feeling it so much, but the jacket is cute.

Anonymous said...

indeed, what a chameleon!

Jaja said...

She looks very chic--sort of like a Kelis.