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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Model Male: Amos Vuma

Amos Vuma is a South African model (with his chocolate complexion and chiseled looks we can see why). When MIMI interviewed him way back when he told us he was single (we'd like to believe he still is). He also revealed the following about himself ...

Last great book that you read? Everything's Eventual by Stephen King.

Favorite CD (if you had to pick one)? A Long Hot Summer by Master Ace.

Favorite time of day? Late at night when it's dark, because it's quiet and peaceful and it helps me think about what I'm going to achieve the following day.

Complete the sentence, love is ... a game of lies.

The most endearing quality a woman can possess? She must be dark, beautiful, petite with a good body. Independence is also important.

Yes ladies, we noticed that he said he loves "dark" women! Learn more about Amos Vuma at and of course, watch this space for more African model males ;)

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy of Taryn for ICE Models Johannesburg)