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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Teddy Kalonga's Special Message

Teddy Kalonga is MIMI's December 2007 covergirl. In the Feature story, Teddy In Hollywood, Teddy talks about making it, and living the dream. Not all of Teddy's interview was published in the feature story; here's a special message she had to share:
"I'd like to take the opportunity to pay respect to my parents, who have both passed away recently. They taught me a lot about life and how to stand up and be strong for myself. They continue to be an inspiration to me. Also, to all my fans in East and Central Africa, I just want you all to know that even though I am married and not living in Africa these days, it doesn't mean that I am done! I have a very supportive husband and a great manager, and we have a lot of plans for you guys. Expect more from me!"
(Photo Credits: Dimas Vasquez)


KreativeMix said...


Tayana said...

Ooh,no. Sorry for your lost, Teddy. But I am sure they are proud of you for whatever you are doing. You are a good gal. Love, Tayana

Shoshy said...

Hallo, TK
I am very sorry about your parents. But don't give up. I've also lost my grandmom recently, who raised me since I was 5yrs old. And I can't explain the pain.'cause she was like my parent to me. So, lets just pray for them.
I luv u.

-Shosh from DC

Anonymous said...

That has to be tough to lose your parents and be so far away :(

Miss Casie said...

Sorry TK, but thats life.
Just don't forget,there are many people who got love for you.
Nice interview MIMI. When are you going to have it printed?...People would love to have it. You are Mag'is real nice.

with love,

Anonymous said...

all i can say bout TK she is one a kind very strong minded young lady....we love u sooo much sweety just kno that we all going in the same direction just keep being stronger and pray for ur parents and i always pray for u TK...I Love u sooo much babygirl and GOD BLESS U..

Anonymous said...

Teddy Kalonga umeenda lini huko nilikuacha Tanzania 2007/January? hongera sana, jitahidi na tunakutakia mafanikio, hivi Sunday Kalonga ni kaka yako?



Anonymous said...

teddy you have always been special girl,,im so glad i had change in the past being ur friend and u will always be my friend at heart,,congratulation u have acheaved lots,and god bless anything u touch,,and curse anything cursed by ur breath couse u have the beauty my dear,,,much