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Monday, March 12, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Adé Bantu

AfroPean. NiGerman. Whatever you want to label him, Adé Bantu, is a pioneer of the German hip hop movement. Adé named his musical collective Bantu for a few reasons. In Yoruba, the phrase “é ban tu” means to untie. The name honors the martyred anti-apartheid leader Steve Biko who was of Bantu origin. And finally Bantu stands for Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity. Now that's deep!

Born to a German mother and a Nigerian father in England, Adé relocated to Cologne, Germany in recent years. Adé was almost 16 years old when his father was murdered by armed robbers. He speaks of the therapeutic importance of music, “food for the soul.” He unites his multicultural influences both sonically and politically, both personally and publicly. His spicy AfroPean stew is a natural blend of the most converse elements of both continents’ traditions. Drawing from his forefathers’ roots and his experience of the African diaspora alike, he uses the variety of urban styles and sounds to contribute another shade to the soundtrack of a global Africa: profoundly rooted in Yoruba history yet dripping with Western production standards, deeply sensual yet utterly spiritual, thoroughly individual yet highly political. Purchase Adé Bantu's latest musical offering at and visit Adé Bantu's official website at

(Photo Credits: Yohannes Winta)