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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Parents Take Issue With Oprah's Leadership Academy

Oprah's Leadership Academy is drawing up some new found criticism, and this time the heat is coming from the parents of the girls who attend the Academy. According to South African internet news service, News24, some parents are criticizing the Academy as being "too strict" and are threatening to pull their daughters out of the school if the rules do not loosen up. Among other complaints, parents are alleging that they are only allowed to visit their daughters once a month, that the girls are prohibited from using cellphones and email during the school week, and that junk food is banned. The Chicago Sun Times reports that "a Winfrey spokeswoman said all the school's polices are designed to benefit the girls." Get all the details from News24 at,9294,2-7-1442_2081757,00.html, and read The Chicago Sun Times' account at,CST-NWS-oprah13.article


Anonymous said...

you can't be serious?! when I was in boarding school, visiting day was twice a term!!
the girls need to focus on school they're lucky visiting days are once a month.

Did they not read the blueprint when they signed the dotted line? Guess everyone wanted to be on 'American TV'

Anonymous said...

i smell a fish. the dietary restrictions are ridiculous. just because oprah can't eat candy does not mean that the rest of the world has to go without.

ngum ngafor said...

unbelievable! the rules are meant to teach the girls to be disciplined. it is a school for leaders afterall isn't it? let those stupid parents take their kids out of the school. i'm sure there are thousands waiting to snap up their places. the silly ingrates!

josephine said...

i wonder if these restrictions are in place because the school doesn't want the parents of these poor girls moving into the school and trying to pretty much live in such luxury?