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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miss Soft & Beautiful 2007

Soft & Beautiful brand of hair care products has named the uber-fabulous actress Sanaa Lathan, Miss Soft & Beautiful 2007. This award from Soft & Beautiful recognizes role models. Lathan was selected based on a recent Sister 2 Sister Internet poll. Readers chose Lathan from amongst a list of other beautiful celebrities which included, Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Queen Latifah. "I'm so honored to be named Miss Soft and Beautiful 2007," Lathan said. "It is such a delight to be recognized by the women in my community. A huge part of my life intention is to uplift women. This means so much. Thank you."

(Photo Credits: PRNewsFoto/Soft & Beautiful)


Anonymous said...

this chic is one of the baddest chics out there. it's nice to see her get recognized like this.

Anonymous said...

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