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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Noémie Lenoir At The Cannes Film Festival

Model Noémie Lenoir (whose father is French and whose mother is from Madagascar) attended the 60th International Cannes Film Festival rocking fabulous jewellery from Montblanc (she is wearing Étoile de Montblanc High Jewellery Collection Passion Earrings) and a short new bleach blonde do. We barely recognize her with her new do! Noémie attended an Ocean's Thirteen party as well as the movie's premier and was spotted again on the red carpet at the premiere for the film Auf Der Anderen Seite.
(Photo Credits: Peter Kramer)


Anonymous said...

i thought she was scarlet johanson or something. she looks so different than she used to. still pretty, but i prefer her with her long curly hair.

Anonymous said...

isn't scarlett j white african?
this lady noemie is stunningly beautiful. ummm but they need to quit with the blonde trend, it's getting disturbing.

josephine said...

she's pretty. but when will black women learn that blonde hair is a no-no? please, stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, Noémie Lenoir's mother is not absolutely from Madagascar. this young lady is 100% french (you know,in France, they also have West Indies population (Antilles françaises). Other way, I'm agree with others, black women could stop to all the same (some times yes but not all the time) those blonde style or false hair. I think our children will be more comfortable with their image if they use to see their mothers proud to be with their hair.

Anonymous said...

I think black women should embrace whatever colour they wish for their hair! Fashion changes and if today it's blonde (and you can get away with it), why not? Experimenting with colour is nothing to be shun upon.

Don't knock it too much or they may bring back the Jheri curl!