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Monday, September 3, 2007

September 2007: Breaking Boundaries

Noëlla Coursaris and Kaysha make history on the September 2007 cover of MIMI—Noëlla is the first woman to appear on MIMI's cover twice, while Kaysha is the first man ever to appear on MIMI's cover. Their friendship has sparked rumors about the nature of their relationship; however, in an interview with MIMI's Nani Hapa, Kaysha set the record straight and explained "We are just like brother and sister." Indeed, Noëlla confirmed that she is happily single and that her and Kaysha are just friends. As she explains, "I see him more like a brother." Read about how the Congolese stars are making great strides in the articles: Empowering Girls Through Education and The Best Of Kaysha. For more on both Noëlla and Kaysha, take at look at The Hot 21, where both of them are featured.

All About MIMI Link: Volume 3, Issue 6: Breaking Boundaries


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