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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rosemary Chileshe Joins MIMI

It's official, Zambian beauty queen and ROC Foundation co-founder, Rosemary Chileshe, has joined MIMI Magazine's brilliant team of talented contributing writers. Rosemary will write a column where she will share the valuable insights that she has gained through her various projects. Some of you may have already noticed Rosemary's writing in MIMI's November 2007 issue, where Rosemary wrote the article What Keeps You From Living A Rich Life? Be sure to look out for Rosemary's column in our upcoming February 2008 issue.

(Photo Credits: Photo Provided Courtesy Of Rosemary Chileshe)

MIMI Features Links: Rosemary Full Of Grace, The Hot 21: Carl Ellis And Rosemary Chileshe


Anonymous said...

nice! looking forward to reading more articles from Rosemary.
I just read the bios of MIMI's writers and I had not realized how diverse you all were. You all are doing a wonderful wonderful job!

Chief K.Masimba said...

Welcome Rosemary Chileshe. I have seen some of your writing online, and have loved it. I look forward to your beatiful thoughts in this beautiful environment.