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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Celebrity Blog: Kaysha's African Bohemian: The Life And Times Of Mr. Shada

First, MIMI told you about June Sarpong and Adama's blogs, now we bring you Kaysha's blog: African Bohemian: The Life and Times of Mr. Shada. Fans of Kaysha can keep up with the star by visiting his blog, where he writes about his latest music releases, adventurous travels, and so much more! No stone in Kaysha's celebirty life is left unturned in his online blog turned diary. Visit Kaysha's blog, African Bohemian: The Life and Times of Mr. Shada at:


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

it will be great to get a sneak peek. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. kaysha is such a ladies man; every other post is about some new side chick (hmmmm).