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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Joy Of Being A Black English Monarch: Ann Ogbomo

Ann Ogbomo and her experience of being an English monarch, as Queen Elizabeth in the Histories plays, a new production from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) directed by Michael Boyd, makes Ogbomo, the only female actress of ethnic minority origin in the ensemble of the History plays who also has the role of a queen. Set to be one of the theatrical highlights in London this year, the Histories, has been brought to the capital by the RSC. This revival of the Histories plays has seen the RSC work with the same ensemble of 34 actors, who play 264 different roles. On average, each actor plays and understudies 14 parts each. A production which has involved 90 weeks of rehearsal, 12 weeks of understudy rehearsals. Find out more by visiting

(Photo Credits: Ellie Kurttz)


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