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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nelson Mandela's Portrait For $95,000

Nelson Mandela will be 90 soon. "Time for the most impressive painted tribute", says artist Peter Engels. The result is a breath-taking canvas of 78.7 x 39.4 inch (=200 x 100 cm), painted with the pallet knife, which is Peter Engels' unique signature.

Mandela's birthday will be celebrated on Friday 27 June with a concert in London Hyde Park, hosted by Will Smith. Also present will be Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox, Keane, U2, Eminem, the 2 of the remaining members of Queen and many other celebrities. Artist Peter Engels hopes to be able to hand over a cheque on probably the most exciting and talked about concert of 2008.

Half of the painting's selling price goes to the Mandela AIDS organisation "46664" (Mandela named his organisation after the number he had in prison on Robben Island). A pretty serious amount because the unique work of art will probably sell for no less than 60.000 euros. Peter Engels: "The buyer not only supports the AIDS fund, he will also acquire an exceptional piece of art: the largest portrait of Nelson Mandela ever painted with the pallet knife."

"In spite of his respectable age, Nelson Mandela has a vivid appearance," Peter Engels says. "Time and a turbulent life have indeed engraved his face, but he still has that friendly look. The stars in his eyes twinkle. His smile is warm and he has a glowing charisma. For me it is a real pleasure and an honour to paint his characteristic head. Putting this painting up for charity is my way of contributing to 46664."

Peter Engels creates his 'Vintage Portraits' in a unique style very much his own, using his sepia colourite to produce astonishing large scale close-ups of well-known characters. For the Mandela portrait he receives many congratulations from all over the world. They say that Peter Engels goes beyond merely painting Mandela's physical features; he captures the man's inner soul.

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(Photo Credits: PRNewsFoto/Marathon Art PR)


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