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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Sweet Music

Born in Mogadishu Somalia, Siham and Iman Hashi are the first Somali artists to surface on the Atlanta music scene. Their family moved to Toronto, Canada when they were little girls. In their younger ages Iman and Siham displayed their musical talent at local talent shows, performing at school plays and around family and friends. Their talent didn't stop there either, also skilled in creative song writing, Iman and Siham penned the lyrics for their songs.

Iman and Siham were exposed to many producers that offered hallow promises always short of the truth. After countless run ins with studios that tried to tie the sisters down, they felt discouraged with every step closer being a prolonged false advertisement. The constant shot downs took a toll on the sisters causing them to second guess their future. The sisters recognized that they weren't ready to play the cards they were dealt, but rather take their life by the hands and pursue their singing career full throttle. After experiencing many dead ends, the girls felt it was time to take that step and paint their life with all the colors that would represent their vibrant and promising future. The young stars made their move to Atlanta, Georgia. With financial struggles they constantly tried to make a dollar from a dime. Yet with the support; emotionally and financially, of those they left back home, they began writing songs for major and up and coming artists.

Never doubting where destiny would lead them, Siham and Iman formed the eclectic duo SWEET RUSH and landed a record deal with Universal Motown. They are currently in the studio working on their first album. SWEET RUSH aspires to become an international pop duo that will generate interest for decades to come. You can hear SWEET RUSH on Akon's new album, Freedom on the track Troublemaker. Find out more about SWEET RUSH by visiting

(Photo Credits: Zach Wolfe)


Anonymous said...

nice, but they kind of remind me of brick and lace. good luck to them!