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Sunday, March 8, 2009

February 2009: Love, Laugh, Live

South Africa's favorite couple, Zam and Nkhesani Nkosi grace the February 2009 cover of MIMI, theme Live, Love, Love. Learn all about the fabulous, smart, and powerful couple in Zam And Nkhensani: A Love Story. Also, in this issue, educate yourself about women's health by reading an excerpt from Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu's book, Letters To My Sisters, indulge your fashion sense by viewing Bridal Couture and Sun Goddess Spring Summer collections, and read about Associate Editor Mimi Tsiane's wedding in Just Mimi ... And Uhm 1? Find all this, and more in MIMI's February 2009 issue.

All About MIMI Link: Volume 5, Issue 2: Love, Laugh, Live


Anonymous said...

I love this valentine's day themed issue. Congrats to Just Mimi column writer on getting married!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!

nneoma said...

Hmmm, so I noticed that Mimi Tsiane is now Mimi Tsiane-Wiggans. Is she married now? If so congrats!!!!! Have been following your editorials on love and life for a while.