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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The New "Soul" Voice Of Cameroon: Blick Bassy

MIMI loves sharing news about fresh, new talent from around the world. We were recently alerted to Blick Bassy, and even though we are planning an in-depth interview with him, we just had to write something about him now—his music is that good. Blick Bassy is the new "soul" voice of Cameroon—soul meaning vocals that come from within. Bassy says: “The soul of my music isn’t so much in the words, it’s in the way of singing. In fact, the melody is a mould for the words.” On his new album LĂ©man (which has various release dates around the world), the singer/ songwriter/ guitarist/ percussionist connects the music of Central and West Africa and mixes it with bossa nova, jazz and soul. Bassy’s guitar playing and intoxicating, soft voice are enriched by the kora, calabash and a double bass resulting in a unique, haunting sound which is velvety with subtle harmonies, yet also raw with groovy rhythms. This is definitely one worth checking out; visit Look out for him in an upcoming MIMI issue!


Rising from my Ashes said...

Nice blog. I am yet to check the myspace but can you post some youtube videos of this artist. Sounds very interesting...thanks

Anonymous said...

He's cute :=)