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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mariam Malenty Baldé On Beauty

Mariam Malenty Baldé was MIMI's November 2007 cover girl, remember her stunning cover for the L'Afrique, C'est Chic issue, and her Q&A in Born to Shine? Among her accomplishments: she was in the Lion King Musical in Germany for almost four years as well as the Best of Musical Tour in Germany and Switzerland. The Second Runner up in 2005's Miss African Queen Germany pageant has also appeared in several publications, including AMINA, and is the face of the SO MUCH SOUL clothing label.
MIMI: How would you describe your look and sense of style?
Mariam Malenty Baldé: Unique and diverse! I'm every woman! So depending on my mood or plans for the day I choose my outfit! i always try to involve a detail whether it's the color or the earrings or accessories or hair style that is particular to my culture or personality. I inspire myself from many things in fashion classy, sexy, old school, trends, African culture, Indian, Asian, street wear ... all to make me shine and feel good!
MIMI: You seem to embrace a more natural African beauty in your makeup and hair. Is that deliberate, and if so, why is that important to you?
MMB: You are correct. It's totally deliberate. Our culture gives us so much with the different hair techniques we developed along the years. But I prefer to make a chignon with cornrows because it represents my culture and that it can fit the "modern" world and be gorgeous! I don't say that a weave or wig is bad but to me; it still feels like I'm trying to be someone that is not totally me just to fill a certain "world". I don't mind having my hair straight but let it be with an iron and not a relaxer! I'm black and proud so what I believe in I represent. It's by putting forward what we have mixed with the modern society that we can shine. That's what it is for me to have a double culture!
MIMI: Can you tell us about your work with SO MUCH SOUL?
MMB: I model for SO MUCH SOUL, which is designed for my sisters. The logo is the face of a black woman with motherland as her afro with a yellow flower in it. I love it and it's gorgeous! For now it's more street wear and some items are already available on The message speaks for itself! Once again: what I believe in I represent!
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(Photo Credits: So Much Soul)


Nje said...

Keep representing Africa mama!