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Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Heavy Rotation

Here are some recently released albums that have been on heavy rotation on MIMI's music player ...

Lira set a soul scorching benchmark with her 2006 album Feel Good but Lira's latest release Soul in Mind is her best work to date. Honest, soulful, feminine, joyful, and beautifully African, it's the perfect music to listen to when relaxing. (Recognize the Stoned Cherrie dress that she's wearing on the cover of the album? Check out: Stoned Cherrie Spring Summer or 2008's Best Runway Moments.)

Black Rose, the title song from Hil St. Soul's album is MIMI's theme song, it's all about picking yourself up and being the best you! Zambian-born Hilary Mwelwa's rich voice adds depth and dimension to the thoughtful lyrics and takes you back to the days when we could appreciate music in its purest form, without distracting sound effects. In six words: the album is sweet like honey.

MIMI has always loved Cesaria Evora's music, and that love is well-founded. No other voice in the world has such pared-down beauty. Radio Mindelo consists of some rough recordings done in the early stage of Evora's career, and the result is a rare listen to what she sounded like when she was in her 20s ... sometimes upbeat, occasionally mournful, devastatingly nostalgic, and always haunting. What's not to love about Evora's hallmark swooning sound?

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Anonymous said...

I want to hear more! Where can I get these CDs?

Anonymous said...

Need to get Lira's cd.

mila said...

Beautiful women, beautiful voices.