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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wayna Wondwossen's Recent Arrest

The Associated Press is reporting that Grammy-nominated R&B singer, Wayna Wondwossen, was arrested at a Houston airport last Wednesday (March 25th) for carrying a collapsible police baton. The singer was charged with carrying a weapon in an airport after she tried to board a plane while carrying the baton, authorities said. Last Thursday (March 26th), a judge dismissed the charge against Wayna. Prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the third-degree felony during a brief hearing at the downtown Harris County Criminal Justice Center.

Wayna recently released a statement clarifying what happened: the club had been inadvertently packed in her carry on bag. Despite explaining to security that she was a performer and that she had traveled throughout the country without incident with the prop (which she uses when she performs Billie Club, a song about police brutality), and had no intentions of using it as a weapon. Wayna was nonetheless arrested and charged on a 3rd degree felony weapons charge. Wayna thanked her friends, fans, family and everyone who have supported her throughout her career. Spending over 12 hours in jail has been exhausting and challenging for her especially given the irony of the situation. She has never been arrested nor has any criminal history. She relays that the experience has given her new and personal perspective to some of themes and messages she relays and portrays in her music.


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Anonymous said...

How ironic. Here she is singing about police brutality and then she gets arrested for something like this. Maybe there's more to this story and her people are trying to spin it like she did nothing wrong, but I doubt it.

mila said...

Wow is right.