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Friday, June 5, 2009

Nature Reinvented By Vlisco

With the new fabric collection ‘Eclat de Nature’ by Vlisco, nature speaks to you in a language all its own. The collection features a unique interpretation of an unknown world, one that goes beyond nature, where bold colors and an eclectic colour palette of intense reds and a combination of blues and bright yellows dominate.

Natural elements are transformed into geometric floral designs while at the same time the organic flow is captured, creating an interplay with nature in its freest form. ‘Eclat de Nature’ is a manifestation of extremes - theatrical shapes and intense colours are combined to reinvent nature, a fantasy world where thoughts wander freely. This collection can also be enjoyed as part of the ‘Eclat de Nature’ fashion and accessories collection available in Vlisco Boutiques starting this summer. Get more details at


kenyan beauty said...

I'm loving this afro-chic look. I enjoyed fashion week in capetown. so many great african designers. finally we are coming into our own. i'm in love with the la lesso collection featured in your magazine. i just ordered one of the idiani dresses from i've been searching for it in the us forever. the designers are so nice and down to earth. Love and Peace to Kenya forever. the beauty of africa is fierce.

Ngozi said...

I love your blog! I think you should feature Ghanaian designer and author Samata Angel on your Mimi magazine she is amazing -