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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From The Archives: Caring For Naturally Textured Hair

Check out beauty and wellness expert Chanelle Washington's tips for Caring For Naturally Textured Hair, which were first published in MIMI's Summer 2007 issue:

1.  First, explore & learn your hair for its unique qualities. No two people are created alike- that applies to hair also. Value and respect your individuality.

2.  Implement a hair care regimen with plant based products.

3.  Establish a relationship with a knowledgeable natural hair specialist or locktician.

4.  Pay attention to the products that you use on your hair. Be sure to ask your natural hair care professional questions such as: "Does this product have ingredients known to be beneficial for natural hair?"

5.  Replenish your scalp & hair monthly with herbal rinses and deep conditioning treatments.

6.  Cover your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf. Purchase a satin pillowcase to minimize hair breakage.

7.  Massage your scalp for 5 minutes 3 times a week to promote healthy circulation and to stimulate oil glands.

8.  Avoid hairstyles that create stress & tension on the scalp. These include tight ponytails, tight braids, etc.

9.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes:fresh fruit and vegetables; pure water; whole grains; plant protein; regular rest; and occasional detoxification.

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