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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michael Olatuja Speaks Harmony On His Debut Album

British/Nigerian bassist Michael Olatuja began crafting the music that would become his debut album Speak (2009) as long ago as 2003. From there, the music took shape organically as the pieces fell into place, Olatuja calling upon a large cast of musicians to assist him in realizing the self-produced project, including several singers who alternate on lead vocals: Eska Mtungwazi, Andrew Roachford, Terri Walker, Michael's wife Alicia Olatuja and the late neo-soul artist Lynden David Hall. With musical influences and guests from around the world, the album touches on each spot Olatuja has hit around the globe, including his childhood in London and Lagos, Nigeria, and his professional years in London and New York.

Speak is clearly the album Olatuja has been working toward his entire career and points to a strong future. Themes of hope, encouragement, inspiration and positivity emerge from strong instrumental tracks and vocals in English and Yoruba. "The language of music is one that we all speak," Olatuja explains. "It unites diverse cultures." Listen to Speak at

(Photo Credits: Carsten Fleck)


AMINA said...

Very nice music. Good to see African men profiled in Mimi; they are equally underrepresented in the media as African women are.