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Monday, August 3, 2009

New Goapele Single: Milk & Honey

Goapele has released her highly anticipated single Milk & Honey, and for a limited time, the single is available to download for free (that's right free) from her website: Also, check out her 2008 single, Chocolate, which you can also download for free for a limited time. Love Goapele's sound and the futuristic feel of her latest music!

Take a look at the Milk & Honey video below. MIMI can't wait for Goapele's new album to be released.

MIMI Features Link: Goapele, The Timeless Musician


Anonymous said...

the video really suits the song. i like this song a lot!

Yele said...

Does she have gold teeth? No thank you ma'am. Great song!!!

MW09 said...

Love the song!!

africa-ness said...

what a sexy vibe. i'm feeling it.

Juliette said...

I don't like th gold teeth, but this woman has great style. Her hair, her accessories (sans the gold teeth), her clothes are all on point. Oh, and nice song too!