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Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling Sara Tavares' Latest Album, Xinti

Written By: Staff Writer—The music of Sara Tavares is full of "sunshine soul" and Xinti (Feel It), her new album, is filled with it. Brimming with Cape Verdean guitar licks, Angolese rhythms and warm Portuguese vocals, Sara has not sounded more authentic. The album is a well-crafted collection, packed with surprises that display how progressively richer and more expansive Sara Tavares’s vocal repertoire has become since her previous album Balancê (which is considered among the Best 100 World Albums). Sara's songs are lyrical, sensual and more textured. Her mottos and poetry suggest a woman on a personal—but universal—journey, and wise beyond her years. They are truly “Songs of Experience” —intimate but also wrapped in irresistibly funky rhythms drawn from the Cape Verdean / African diaspora. Themes of love – spiritual and human – embrace philosophical reflections that describe, says Tavares, “the soul taking flight.”

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(Photo Credits: Ricardo Oliveira Alves)


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