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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marcus Samuelsson's New American Table

Written By: Staff Writer—On October 26th, renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson will be releasing his new book New American Table. Samuelsson, author of The Soul of a New Cuisine, Aquavit and The New Scandinavian Cuisine and co-owner/executive chef of restaurants Ringo and Aquavitvit, shares more than 300 recipes for American dishes such as breakfast burritos, beer-braised short ribs, and red berry cobbler in New American Table.

Samuelsson says about the book, "I'll introduce you to friends I've met along the way who have shared their foods, told me their stories and inspired me with their passion. With recipes that range from elaborate entrees to simple snacks, I give an overview of American food as I see it and, hopefully, will provide a primer to navigate through an array of international influences to bring a world of flavor into your own home."

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Visit Marcus Samuelsson's recently launched website to learn how you can get your copy of New American Table.