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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Issue Preview: Vlisco—Style Reinvented

Written By: Staff Writer—MIMI's October issue is slated for release this week and the theme is "Dirty, Pretty Secrets." Look out for a 10-page fashion spread dedicated to Vlisco's "Touch of Sculpture" fabric collection in the upcoming issue. The collection, a true celebration of textiles, embraces various textile techniques to create bold prints with movement. For now, here's a look at Vlisco's "Weaved Chains" fabric.

More "pretty" secrets will be revealed in the October 2009 issue. Look out for an announcement about the publication of the issue on MIMI's Twitter page (

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of VLISCO)


tia said...

I cannot believe the detail in this dress. It's simply exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Vlisco remains unbeatable when it comes to style and quality. They have the best ankara. Period.

Q said...

I'm smitten by this shweshwe.