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Monday, October 5, 2009

New Music From Somi: If The Rains Come First

Written By: Nani Hapa—Here's your first look at Somi's new album, If The Rains Come First, set for release next Wednesday on October 13th! I've been a fan of Somi's since I first interviewed her in November 2006 (Life. Style. Spirit) for the story, SOMI's Sound: A Brand New Vibe, and I cannot wait to hear her new material. When interviewed about If The Rains Come First Somi shared, "The songs on this album reflect where I am emotionally and spiritually today ... At the end of the day, I still know who I am and where home is before, during, and after the rain—it's in the music." Now that's what I call refreshing.

(Photo Credits: Album Cover Art/Matthew Furman)


Quail said...

The cover is so captivating.

CiCi said...

I like the title of the album.