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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Khaliah Ali On A Mission To Raise Awareness Of The Efforts Of Humanitarian Agencies Serving The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Written By: Staff Writer—Khaliah Ali, author, fashion designer, and daughter of legendary boxing icon Muhammad Ali, is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the historic "Rumble in the Jungle" bout between Ali and George Foreman by embarking on a humanitarian visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This marks the first time that an Ali family member has returned to the country where one of sports most historic events took place (October 30, 1974).

“My father and the Congolese people share a remarkable bond born from an event that empowered a country and supported him as he reclaimed his heavyweight crown. I know that the spirit of the 60,000 people who witnessed the fight live inside his heart to this day,” says Khaliah. “It has been my dream to show my deep affection and gratitude to the Congolese people for the integral part they played in my own family’s history. This trip offers an opportunity to become involved in ongoing relief programs serving the region and to gain a deeper understanding of the progress being made in the western and southern regions and the tragedies that still exist in the east.”

Khaliah is being hosted by international fashion model, humanitarian, founder of the Georges Malaika Foundation (Empowering Girls Through Education), and two time MIMI covergirl (Summer 2006 and September 2007)), Noella Coursaris Musunka (Shooting Star). While in the Congo, Khaliah will visit women’s collectives, schools created to serve the needs of children orphaned by the country’s ongoing civil wars and medical facilities. Khaliah will also travel to more remote areas of the country under their auspices of UNICEF to support the organization's ongoing efforts of UNICEF.

In addition to Khaliah’s humanitarian work, she will meet and speak with many local Congolese citizens, address students at The University of Lubumbashi and Kinshasa and learn about the diverse needs of the Congolese people. Among Khaliah’s activities will be laying the first stone at the Georges Malaika School for Girls in Kalebuka, Katanga, founded by Noella Coursaris.

Look for live updates from Khaliah’s trip to the Congo on MIMI's blog!

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Anonymous said...

A special thank you to Mimi Magazine,they always been support of my career and Georges Malaika Foundatio, Noella

Anonymous said...

Noella is such a beautiful woman. She's a great role model!