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Monday, December 7, 2009

Kayobi Clothing—Capturing Eternal Sunshine

Written By: Staff Writer—Imagine a collection inspired by a place where it's always summer. Kayobi Clothing's founder Kwabena Oppong Boateng, did, and used this inspiration to create his first collection aptly titled "it's always summer in Africa." Released on 08-08-08, the collection was created during a year and a half stay in Ghana where Kwabena sought to capture the "true essence of Africa. The them refers to the gift of eternal sunshine the continent is blessed with. Contrary to the imposed label of 'dark continent' stamped on Africa, the continent is actually bursting with light, life, beauty and most importantly hope."

The first collection of t-shirts, which includes hip prints and clever says like "make fufu not war" has been such a hit that Kwabena has expanded from t-shirts to bags and iPod carrying cases. "Make fufu, not war" at

(Photo Credits: Sefa Nkansa (Kayobi Clothing 2009 Lookbook))


KOB said...

Thanks for the support and keep up the WONDERFUL work - Kwabena - Kayobi