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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Audi Joburg Fashion Week 2010 | Machere Fashion House Collection

Written By: MIM!—Here are our favorite pieces from Machere Fashion House; our favorite is the "Kwaito Saves Lifes" t-shirt. All photographs are taken by our favorite long-time fashion week photographer, Simon Deiner of SDR Photo.

{ we the rich fabric on this dress }

{ our favorite t-shirt rocked by model Milen Magese }

{ interesting color combinations that *pop* }

{ the tuxedo re-defined }

(Photo Credits: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)


amanda said...

Hi> I love this design. I live in the United States. How can I buy one f theses dresses? Does Machere have a website? If so can you send me a link.