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Friday, January 29, 2010

Audi Joburg Fashion Week 2010 | New Generation Designers

Written By: MIM!—We've always been big supporters of the New Generation Designers show because it gives young designers their first platform at a national fashion week, and, by virtue of showcasing young designers, the clothes are usually the most fashion forward. This year's New Generation Designers show included pieces from: (1) Mis.s.a (who used a black and white palette, with muted purple-grey as the third color; gold, silver, and reddish brown appeared occasionally in some of the collection); (2) Forever Me by Llana (whose signature hand drawn flowers appeared on some pieces of her country-inspired collection); and (3) Nooi (who presented a collection evocative of Amish modesty and old school uniforms using black and white with shades of beige and cream as base colors).

(Photo Credits: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)