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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Trend: Get Ghana Glamorous With Fan Bags And Slim Clutches

Written By: Nani Hapa—Typically made from colorful Ghanaian straw material, and adorned with rhinestones or flowers, "fan bags" (named for their shape like a hand held fan) and "slim clutches" are all the rage in Ghana at the moment. Aya Morrison and KUA are some of the Ghanaian designers that we have already featured on the blog and the magazine, who design bags in these styles, and the list of on trend designers is growing with the recent introduction of the label Diva Delicious. The glam squad behind Diva Delicious design fan bags as well as slim clutches, and are creating their own unique mark on the trend by designing straw bags in interesting shapes (like this pink clutch which juxtaposes an angular shape against feminine details).

Diva Delicious is already stocked in Ghana at the Renee Q boutique, but for those of us outside of Ghana, for now, we'll have to keep up with the label on FaceBook until the official website is published (Diva Delicious tells MIMI that an official website is "under construction").

(Photo Credits: Seton Nicholas)