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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Open Your Third Eye To Toyin Odutola

Written By: MIMI!—She says, "I am that strange, dark girl in the back of a densely-aired, dimly-lit bar: talking loudly, smoking copious amounts of cigarettes, and drinking loads of chardonnay... or terrible-tasting beer. You think I may have a compromising sexuality due to my ambiguous attire and androgynous appearance. You may be right. Or I could just be that OTHER girl, over there.... [On my blog] you will find random vignettes of the things you didn't quite hear or see from across room." Check Toyin Odutola out at, we know you'll be drawn to her, just as we were.

(Photo Credits: Toyin Odutola (A Collonized Mind: Little Prince))