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Friday, January 22, 2010

She Defines Soul.Substance.Style (No. 003): Soha

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Written By: MIM!—Like all gifted musicians, French/Algerian singer, Soha assimilates a diverse range of musical traditions from around the world, reflecting the rich multi-cultural environment she grew up in. Her parents are Sahrawi from the Western Sahara and members of the Ouled Soltane tribe (children of the Sultan). This background left Soha with a nomadic spirit, craving for freedom and independence and are reflected in her French sung songs that are delicately suffused with the traditional Algerian songs of her mother, who Soha owes her love of music. Soha is truly a vocalist of the times, knowing no boundaries other than the limits of her imagination. Discover this woman who defines Soul.Substance.Style at

(Photo Credits: JM Lubrano)