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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Inspiration: Swahili Chic (The Feng Shui Of Africa)

Written By: MIM!—Bibi Jordan is an avid traveler, entrepreneur, author, and photographer. Her first book, Safari Chic (published in 2007), is a 288-page book filled with beautiful photography introducing Swahili shule—the Swahili school of design, architecture, and graceful living that instills a sense of simplicity, sensuality, and spirituality to any interior. Travel from the coral atoll islands of East Africa to the warm trade winds of the Indian Ocean and discover the land where African kings, Arabian sultans, Chinese sailors, American whalers, and French pirates met to trade jewels, spices, and colorful fabrics in Safari Chic.

Just looking at these photographs from Bibi's book has us inspired to take up house near the Indian Ocean ... Zanzibar anyone? For now, we'll clean house and add some Afri-chic touches. Learn more about Swahili Chic by visiting

(Photo Credits: Bibi Jordan)