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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Behind The Blog: Yoli Ouiya Blogs Eco Chic Living And Green Savings

Written By: MIM!—Chef Yoli Ouiya currently runs her own boutique healthy-lifestyle outfit called Ou!ya, which has an online home at The website is a must-visit daily digital destination for any vegan interested in learning how to live green on a budget. Find out what the culinary maestro has to say about her green living journey—which includes, catering for various vegan activist organizations, a brief stint at Reboot restaurant, and servicing a cultural array of clients and festivals—in her Q&A with MIM!.

MIM!: Tell us, Yoli is ...
A chic geek who enjoys great food and eco-savings.

MIM!: When and why did become a vegan?
Yoli Ouiya: I began eating vegan after making a bet with a guy I wanted to impress. But when I saw the initial benefits showing up, ie reduction in allergies, physical ailments, eczema, increased reproductive health, weight loss etc , I continued with the vegan diet. Soon after, I started making my own food because being healthy in New York can be expensive; eating out is usually more expensive than preparing meals at home.

MIM!: How did you come to be a nutritional consultant?
Yoli Ouiya: I’m not a nutritional consultant; by definition, I don’t even know what that functionally is. I research, design, and produce food and document the memories attached to them. By trade, I am a graphic designer. Along the way, I was mentored by numerous chefs over the last 7+ years. When I saw how my health was improving coupled with love for food and food preparation, combining the two worlds was a natural fit.

MIM!: What is the meaning of the name behind your company, Ou!ya?
Yoli Ouiya: You know I don’t know if there is a meaning. It’s my family name. I love its uniqueness and it’s all vowels! lol

MIM!: What is a normal working day like for you?
Yoli Ouiya: I wake up, check my astrology, make a green smoothie and/or leftovers, check my online accounts, email, twitter, make blog posts to, do some design work, forget about lunch, figure out what to make for dinner, work on new recipes.

MIM!: What inspires you?
Yoli Ouiya: I'm an optimist..I should just say everyone, everything inspires me.

MIM!: What is your favorite recipe?
Yoli Ouiya: Bissap! Otherwise known as sorrell in the Caribbean and hibiscus leaves in the States. There are so many renditions of bissap but just a simple glass with some organic cane sugar, and I’m a happy gal.

MIM!: Do you have any African vegan recipes?
Yoli Ouiya: Yes I do. Bissap is one of the many recipes that will appear in my forthcoming book. I usually like it by itself or making it into a frozen ice treat.

MIM!: What is the best piece of advice you've been given?
Yoli Ouiya: Don't force yourself to get along with everyone. It's not necessary.

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of Yoli Ouiya)


MamaAfrika said...

She is an impressive young lady.

Femme Lounge said...

interesting read. am off to check her blog.