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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Girl Who Fell To Earth: Iyadede

Written By: MIM!—Singer Sabrina Iyadede is a Rwandan artist who goes by IyaDedE (ee-ya-day-day). Born and raised in Kigali, she has been a music lover from a young age, listening to Rwandan, Zouk, Congolese, and 80's pop music. She was forced to leave Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, but IyaDedE kept her faith in life by making music all while relocating to Belgium, finding her way to France and finally making a home in the United States. The fruits of her personal and musical journey is a 13 track record entitled Talking to God. This Spring, IyaDedE will release her second album, The Girl Who Fell to Earth, which picks up her journey where Talking to God left off. MIMI caught up with IyaDedE to find out more about the woman behind the music.

MIM!: In three words, describe your sound.
Iyadede: Pop, African, and Sincere.

MIM!: What inspires you?
Iyadede: Every single day, every single person in my life. You just live your life gathering impressions and feeling and one day at the right moment all that materialize into songs. Maybe that is a way to close a chapter , once the lesson has been learnt. I'm also inspired by every day sounds. I think we make music that recreates the soundscape of our life. For me it's the sound of a big city with memories from Africa in the background.

MIM!: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
Iyadede: My parents most certainly. I had a such a special relationship with them growing up. They were my heroes and considering the circumstances of war and everything they did behave like heroes.

MIM!: What is the last CD you bought?
Iyadede: I am an itunes addict. I just got Roisin Murphy, Rihanna, Jay Retard, and a few singles I haven't heard in a while like some Massive attack, Brenda Fasie and Oasis.

MIM!: With so many young singers emerging, where do you fit in the scene?
Iyadede: At the letter I, like Iyadede, right in between Beyonce and Ozzie Osborne (LOL). I think with the new media, its so much easier to do your thing. We shouldn't even be worried about that anymore. My journey is very special and I want to exist and be recognized as a voice and a force that's for sure.

MIM!: What were some of the obstacles you faced in trying to establish yourself as a singer and how did you overcome them?
Iyadede: You have to overcome yourself and be a leader. Motivate people and maintain a good creative energy. Being an artist which means that we feed of emotions, it can be explosive sometimes. So faith and consistency is number one.

MIM!: What should we expect from you in the future?
Iyadede: After The Girl Who Fell to Earth, my record that is dropping in March. I really want to go on tour and spread my music. While I gather new material for a new record. I really want to focus on love. I am very shy and private about love. There is not one love song on The Girl Who Fell to Earth and by that I mean no woman to man type of love song ;)

MIM!: What singer would you like to work with?
Iyadede: On the mainstream right now I would love to work with Will I Am. He is such a creative force.

MIM!: Is there anything that we haven't covered in this brief interview that you would like to share with MIMI's readers?
Iyadede: I want to thank your for reading. I love communicating and exchanging new ideas and thoughts so you can hit me up on

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of IyaDedE)