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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Culture Of Marketing: Pollen Creative

Written By: Nani Hapa—Culture and creativity collide at Johannesburg based company Pollen Creative, a one-stop creative solutions provider, specializing in high-end motion graphics and design and animation for advertising, broadcast, retail and production projects. Pollen Creative has used their creative license to contribute to some truly original adverts like these:

Sunlight from Pollen on Vimeo. The spirit of this advert is so warm, even hand washing clothing looks like fun!

Ford Ka from Pollen on Vimeo. They had my attention when they cast the modern day "Rapunzel" as an Africa woman with dookie braids.

To view more of Pollen Creative's adverts, visit, and for more information about their work, visit


naijagal said...

LOL Nani "They had my attention when they cast the modern day Rapunzel as an African woman with dookie braids" I know! That hooked me to the end of the ad; very creative.