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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ms. Afropolitan Guest Blogs For MIMI: Five Ways To Make Meditation A Part Of Your Daily Life

Written By: Minna Salami @ Ms. AfropolitanAfrican women can truly benefit from the gift of meditation. Many of us lead stressful lives that leave little time for connecting with the Spirit-God within, and reaching into our divine power and sacred wisdom. Stress is a dangerous health condition, so we need to find ways to stay calm and balanced. Meditating can wake up your heart and mind, and make you feel more relaxed as you carry out your daily life.

The key to making meditation a part of your life is to understand that silent contemplation is enjoyable. It’s not a chore, but something to look forward to. Below are five useful tips to get you connecting with that inner fountain of peace and calm.

1. Substitute the word ‘meditation’ with ‘me-time’. As much as I love to meditate, I’m not a great fan of the word. It sounds quite clinical, and certainly not like a source of enjoyment, which makes it easier to neglect on a busy day. Think of meditation as ‘me-time’ instead.

2. Make ‘me-time’ fun. It is rewarding to be in a silent Buddha pose, but on occasion you might prefer to draw, write or sit silently in your garden or park. The only criterion is that you connect with your ‘self’. If you choose to draw, sketch something that relates to how you are feeling. If you write, perhaps write a poem about yourself. Whilst outdoors, observe and feel at one with nature.

3. Spend ‘me-time’ every day. If Barack Obama can set aside daily me-time, then so can you. Start with five minutes a day. That’s nothing! Be persistent and gradually, you will expand your me-time, as you will find yourself looking forward to that time of the day when you can exist without labels, restrictions, titles, deadlines or false expectations.

4. Expand your imagination. On those days that you decide to silently contemplate in Buddha position (which I highly recommend you do), imagine that you are on a private beach by yourself, or in a tropical garden lying on a bed of scented flowers, or that you are a ballet dancer practicing in an empty arena. You can be anywhere or anything, set your imagination free.

5. Spend me-time on the go. Meditation is about more than sitting at home in a reflective state of mind. It means making connections to everyday life. Take your reflective mind with you wherever you go. For example, stay calm during rush-hour traffic by practicing deep-breathing techniques. If you commute on public transport, close your eyes, clear away the chatter and transport yourself into your inner world.

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Myne Whitman said...

Interesting tips, I can even do some of these. Thanks for sharing.