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Monday, May 24, 2010

Preview The Best Of MIMI Magazine

Written By: MIM!—MIM! celebrates 5 years of publishing this year, and to mark this milestone we're publishing a special "Best Of" issue featuring our best and most memorable stories from the past 5 years. Our "Best Of" issue—featuring Noni Gasa (South Africa) on the cover photographed by Patrick Toselli—will be available to read at the end of the month. We'll make an announcement when the "Best Of" issue is published on Facebook, Twitter, and of course this space!

(Photo Credits: Patrick Toselli)


Anonymous said...

You guys have been nominated in the Nigerian Blog Awards! Go check here:

MIMI Magazine said...

@ Annonymous, wow, we had no idea! Thanks for the good news. It truly is an honor for our blog to be nominated for a Nigerian Blog Award, especially because we established the blog two years after launching the magazine and have worked hard to make it a unique part of MIMI's digital platform.

Myne Whitman said...

I love your blog and you deserve the nominations, kudos on the fifth anniversary.

MIMI Magazine said...

Thanks so much Myne! Your support is very much appreciated. We luv ya too darling!