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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tawiah: Twisted Soul

Written By: MIM!—The first comparison that comes to mind when listening to Tawiah's EP In Jodi's Bedroom is ... well, that's hard to say for it's hard to classify Tawiah's music—her tone is sweet and sincere one moment, soulful and mysterious the next.

Providing backing vocals to everyone from Corinne Bailey Rae to the Guillemots, and performing onstage with Mark Ronson (she's the only live female singer at his gigs) Tawiah already has a devoted underground following. But with the release of her 6-song EP, In Jodi's Bedroom, everyone is taking notice of her talent. The album is full of songs that provoke both introspection and optimism for what’s to come. Bringing something new and fresh to the music scene, it is obvious that Tawiah is on to something big—something really big.

Don't miss out on the chance to discover great music for yourself by listening to In Jodi's Bedroom, and visit for more information.

(Photo Credits: Jean Baptiste and CD Cover Art)