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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Waxing Electro Lyrical: Keeya

Written By: MIM!—Much like her diverse background, Parisian raised singer/ songwriter Keeya (who was born to an Algerian mother and a Cameroonian father) has a musical taste that is exceptionally diverse. It is no surprise then that today, she is trying to break out a musical career for herself performing a unique variation of synth laden electro pop music. She says: "My Mom was addicted to music. At home we would listen to soul, funk, reggae, r&b, hip hop, rock, pop, and Arabian music ... and she’s a fan of Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Sade, En Vogue, but also Madonna, The Rolling Stones, The Doors ... Every time I had the opportunity to grab the mic, I would jump on stage and do my thing... People named me the jukebox." When she was a teenager, she discovered gospel, and the harmonies she was exposed to led her to perform with gospel/soul choirs. Compelled to follow her musical heart, Keeya quit high school to focus exclusively on music (it didn't hurt that she could also work on musical gigs on the side and book jobs as a model to pay the bills).

Today, the young artist is ready to step into the spotlight to see if the world is as diverse and open minded as her sound. She certainly thinks the answer is yes, noting "musical sensitivity has no limits..." To hear Keeya's music, visit


naijagal said...

Pretty girl.