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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Best Of MIMI Magazine: True Star: Genevieve Nnaji (Behind The Story)

Written By: MIM!Without a doubt, our January 2006 issue featuring Genevive Nnaji on the cover of MIMI has been the most popular and widely-read issue of the magazine to date. This really speaks to how broad and international a fan base Genevieve has. MIMI is one of the few, if not the only, publication that is circulated worldwide and has interviewed Genevieve in-depth. For that reason, a lot of Genevieve’s fans outside of Nigeria have connected with the January 2006 issue of MIMI because it offers them a rare glimpse into the actress’s world. So much so that when producers from the Oprah Winfrey Show were looking to include Genevive Nnaji in a show about fame around the world, they contacted MIMI about reaching out to Genevieve.

Editor-in-Chief, Lola Kingo shares about the world famous interview, “It should come as no surprise that Genevieve Nnaji tops my list of all-time favorite interviews! When I reached out to her then publicist, I thought that getting an interview with Genevieve would be a long-shot because the magazine was so new at the time, but her team was terrific and not only did they agree to do the interview, they set up a photo shoot with photographer Gary Fitzpatrick, that produced some of the most popular photographs of Genevieve ... Poised, polished, and powerful, Genevieve is a phenomenal force in African film and easily the most famous Nollywood actress in the world, but what I was most impressed by in interviewing her was her grace and humility. She is in every sense, a True Star! ”

It's exciting to now share never before seen photographs from our True Star interview.

(Photo Credits: Gary Fitzpatrick)