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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VLISCO's Sparkling Dreams Lookbook: The Most Fashionable One Yet

Written By: MIM!Raving about VLISCO's fabric collections is par for the course in the exclusive enclaves of African fashion. Magazine editors, boutique buyers, and fashionistas laud VLISCO's designs for delivering epic Afri-chic style. The spring/summer Sparkling Dreams collection is no different; the spectacular collection shines!


Divalocity said...

I love what Vlisco has done for over a hundred years and yes they have some of the best fabrics on the market, but will African countries ever revive their own fabric industries? Competition is fierce from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and India, but where do we stand in all of this as merely consumers but never producers of these goods? The last time I brought fabric that was made in Senegal was over 12 years ago and everything today seems to be made in the above countries. Before I leave this earth I want to see Africa as world player on the economic stage, there's nothing like seeing a product that says "MADE IN AFRICA" or made in what ever country in the African Union.

Anonymous said...

@Divalocity. I co-sign 100%. Nowadays it is harder than ever to find fabric that is 100% made in Africa. Chinese manufacturers will now do everything in China with the exception of maybe one last inconsequential step that they will leave to happen in an African country and they use that to stick a "Made in Africa" label on the fabric.