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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Chianu

Written By: MIM!If Chianu International's "Chianu Meets New York" creative advertising campaign is any sign of things to come from this up-and-coming label, then we are in for a real fashion treat when the online store launches.

We already have our eyes on two pieces from the collection: the one sleeved bubble dress ($119) and the off the shoulder dress with long front ($149).

Watch this space for an update when the online store opens, and in the meantime, keep up with Chianu at

(Photo Credits: Mr. Jeno)


Myne Whitman said...

Lovely designs but I'm not impressed with the imagery in the advertising. Is Chianu from the Mangrove or the Serengeti?

Tia M. said...

Their imagery is chic and powerful. I loved seeing them in NY at Africa Fashion Week (NY)!

I hope they come back so I can see them again and purchase designs at the trunk show!

MIMI Magazine said...

Interesting take on the imagery in the advertising Ms. Myne; can see where you're coming from ... always nice to get a different perspective on things :)

Chianu International said...

Thanks for your input Myne. We at Chianu are always looking for feedback on our ideas and designs. In regards to your comment, whether it's the Mangroves in Nigeria and Kenya or the Serengeti in Tanzania...Chianu is about bringing the beauty of AFRICA to the Western world. As far as the ad, we wanted to select something that had a strong African iconic imagery without falling into the stereotypes of "jungles" and "wildlife". Of course we know that Africa is filled with beautiful cities and other exotic locations, but when considering that, it really didn't drive home the message we were trying to make. Trust...we thought long and hard about it and decided to settle for something subtle so that the beauty of the fabrics would stand out all the more! But not to drag this any further...every feedback is important to us and hopefully we were able to clarify that for you. Once again thanks for your input and have a blessed and wonderful day!

Thanks MIMI for the wonderful blog and thanks Tia M for the kind words!