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Monday, August 23, 2010

Designing Concepts: Nando Nkrumah

Written By: Staff Writer—Nando Nkrumah combines creative visual thinking with technological proficiency to produce diverse design concepts and computer graphics imagery animations. Born in Kumasi, Ghana, the freelance designer moved to Cologne, Germany after a military coup in the early 1980’s. While growing up in Germany, skateboarding, drawing and street art inpsired Nando, creating a space for Nando’s experimentation, imagination and creative freedom to blossom. Today, the influence of his upbringing is apparent in his work, which is inspired by his childhood as well as elements of different dimensions, or what he calls—”analogue, digital, spiritual, technological, African and European.”

Together with his partner, Eva Nkrumah, Nando founded nkrumah, a digital shop selling sustainable pieces inspired by art. Read Designing Concepts: Nando Nkrumah to learn more about the Nkrumah's functional art.

(Photo Credits: Nando Nkrumah)