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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global Groove Royalty King Sunny Ade Is Back With Some More Hip-Shaking Beats And Juju Jams On His First Studio Album In Ten Years

Written By: MIM!All hail the return of the King! Global groove royalty, King Sunny Ade, is back with Baba Mo Tunde, his first studio album in ten years set to be released on September 28, 2010. Known for his mastery of the art of perfectly pitching his words to suit his often powerful patrons-right down to using the traditions and cadences of their home region or village, King Sunny Ade reflects this talent on Baba Mo Tunde, interweaving proverbs with King Sunny Ade's deeply felt faith, in a move typical of the master of Yoruba poetry. Even beyond the words, King Sunny Ade is a master at grabbing the essence of Yoruba and Afropop moments, and making them great to dance to. "Nigerian music is the wellspring," King Sunny Ade explains with a smile, thinking about his long career and recent work, "but my music brings people together, no matter where they are from. Everybody can give thanks and dance. That's what my music is all about, peace and enjoyment." We're ready to dance!

(Photo Credits: CD Cover Art)