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Monday, August 23, 2010

How Sweet It Is: Lolita's Cupcakes

Written By: Staff Writer— Cameroonian sisters Angel Sylvester and Cynthia Anduhtabe have the recipe for sweet success with their recently launched home-based venture, Lolita’s Cupcakes, a speciality bakery experience in London. Driven by their creative passion, Lolita’s Cupcakes was “borne from a means of releasing some artistic creativity as well as re-introducing some fashionable glamour into cake decorating!” Inspired by everything from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to their love of colour, fashion, glamour, photography, as well as their African heritage, the sisters’ cupcakes are beautifully decorated cakes that resemble works of art. Creative credentials—Angel the “arty-sister” studied graphic design and photography at the London College of Printing—makes for the icing on the cake in the delicious venture. MIMI caught up with Cynthia, the “baker-decorator sister” who studied modern languages at the University of Manchester, to find out how the sisters are stirring up success. Read How Sweet It Is: Lolita's Cupcakes.

(Photo Credits: © Ruth Black / iStockPhoto)



As sweet,modern and creatively fashionable as Lolita's cupcakes. I'm so impressed. 2 thumbs up.