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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Inspirational Story About Namibia's First Female Trawler Captain Via BBC Africa

Written By: Jamelia MmariLooking for an inspirational story that tugs at your heart strings, inspires you to achieve your goals, and makes you proud to be an African woman? Read BBC Africa's report about Johanna Kwedhi, Namibia's First Female Trawler Captain. Steve Bradshaw for BBC Africa writes:
Slight, pretty, sharp-eyed, and quietly firm about things—Johanna Kwedhi is Namibia's first female trawler captain. She is a living example of the empowerment of women in Namibia. Johanna captains the Kanus, one of the largest trawlers operating from Luderitz Harbour, an old port rebuilt for today's fishing boats. It's her responsibility not only to navigate a coastline infamous for shipwrecks, but to bring in a profitable catch. And this is an industry not used to women being, literally, at the helm.

The report also notes that this is the first time a black person has been at the helm of a ship in Namibia. Read the rest at BBC Africa.


Ellen Wanjiru said...

I'm certainly proud of being an African woman!

Hileni- shitenya said...

Very inspirational indeed, i'm very proud of my country and its people,its not a lot when you hear about Namibia and its people.